Tuesday, December 20, 2005

PS's single of the year is not a single (scroll down).
There's no cure for Mahmud.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Dominique Leone selects 10 techno tracks of 2005 on Pitchforkmedia.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Need some house? Check The DJ Magazine Hype Chart of 2005

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

P. Sherburne selects the best albums of 2005 on Picthfork (DJ Koze, Matias Aguayo, Thomas Brinkman, Isolee, Cristian Vogel, Alez Smoke, Dandy Jack and the Junction SM, Ellen Allien, Marc Leclair)

Friday, November 04, 2005

Excellent release on Sonar Kollektiv: Âme: Rej , available at the label's site.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Friday, October 14, 2005

Tanzmann at The Room on Friday 21 Oct.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Five years of Moon Harbour Compilation
8 exclusive tracks ... to celebrate the birthday

luna city express - venus
phil stumpf - rock steady
martin landsky - flutes
matthias tanzmann - anti gravity
gamat 3000 - flashback
audio werner - boogie with u
tanzmann & stefanik - talking slices
marlow - i´ve changed ma mind

Friday, September 16, 2005

Sometimes ILX is great

we all fell space since the loft era and the paradise garage. I fellspace and universe every time music gets kosmic and synthetic and shouts body and soul. Then from New york to chicago, over Detroit with gary numan's cars, italian and electronic european cerrone andmoroder things ... All the sounds are compressing and invite us togather, wherever we come from; that is all about with scando-med music. Travel all over the Whord by the extremities. North and south,black and white, find out what common is between krautrock and discoor the possible alliance of rythm. That music is utopic like the hippies were at least.Dreamy and psychedelic, background the Sun of the baléares and the everlasting scandinavian summer !
-- laure oth (
hot.eye...), September 16th, 2005.

Copyright: laure oth ...

Thursday, September 15, 2005


Thursday, September 08, 2005

Freude am Tanzen
Freude am Tanzen is releasing a compilation CD in October. Fantastic tracklist. No new/exclusive tracks I think.
FAT CD 001
Freude-am-Tanzen Compilation CD 01
1. gamat 3000 - feeling love
(wighnomy rmx)
2. soulphiction - black woman
3. funky transport - hell bells
4. wighnomy brothers + robag wruhme - bobb
5. hemmann + kaden - sense
6. wighnomy brothers + robag wruhme - bodyrock
7. mark henning - with the folks
8. dj koze - lighta spuba
9. hemmann + kaden - vaganza
10. wighnomy brothers + robag wruhme - pele bloss
11. dj koze - smornin

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Otra dosis
Groove has published their Top 50 singles and albums/comps for September. The Luciano remix of Argy's Love Dose (Poker Flat) is at the top. A good year for the German Label, which is also releasing yet another Trentemoller single this week: "Sunstroke / Minimal Fox".

Thursday, August 25, 2005

I think Wighnomy Bros./Robag Wruhme are releasing a CD compliation of some of their best remixes on Mute Tonträger. Cool.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

no cure review of Matthew Herbert new album, Plat du Jour (Accidental): Insoportable

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Electro Revival (part II)
Cycles in popular music seem to be shorter and shorter. Less than ten years later (was it 1997?) , the electro revival is back. Oh no.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Since 2001, I can't think of a summer without the kandi ... I am off to the beach on friday ... whoo, hoo!

Monday, August 01, 2005

El libro
Juan entró aquella tarde a la librería de su barrio. Buscaba un libro del que hacía tiempo había oído hablar y que, sin saber por qué, había de pronto recordado. No lo vio en la estantería así que preguntó al librero por él. Le dijo que no lo tenían. Juan sin embargo siguió buscándolo. Al no encontrarlo, preguntó al librero que lo buscara en el ordenador. El librero lo buscó y le dijo que no lo tenían. Juan iba a salir de la tienda, pero, insistente, volvió a buscarlo. Lo encontró. Alzó el libro con la mano, miró al librero y le dijo, con una mezcla de satisfacción y desprecio, que lo había encontrado. El librero, mirándolo a los ojos por primera vez, emitió un gruñido. Pagó el libro y salió a la calle. Azarado, entro en el bar de la esquina y pidió un café. Sacó el libro y comenzó a leerlo. Pago su café y se marchó. Al salir, se dio cuenta de que se había olvidado el libro en la barra del bar. Se paró un momento, miró al suelo y se fue a su casa a preparar la cena.
New York based imprint Microcosm Music is re-opening the Minlove netlabel with a free download 3 tracker by Ezekiel Honig, Socks and Sandals and Miskate.
01 . Ezekiel Honig - Herky Jerky
02 . Socks and Sandals - Lover (OG Edit)
03 . Miskate - Ditty Dumdum

Thursday, July 28, 2005

La sombra
Carlos estaba tumbado en el sofá de su pequeño apartamento del centro. Su mujer hacía rato que se había ido a la cama. El no podía dormir así que se había puesto a leer un libro de relatos a la tenue luz de la lámpara. De madrugada vio una sombra en el balcón. Sobresaltado, e impulsado quizás por el miedo salto del sofá y se dirigió hacia la sombra. Un hombre se había descolgado desde el techo y bajaba para entrar en alguno de los apartamentos. El hombre, al ver a Carlos moviéndose hacia él hizo un movimiento que lo precipitó al vacío. Carlos se asomó al balcón y lo vio inmóvil en el suelo. No pasaba nadie por la calle. Encendió un cigarrillo y se acodó en el balcón, mirando al hombre tendido en el suelo. Le entró sueño, apagó su cigarrillo y se fue a dormir.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Lo que nos da la literatura:
Lo que sí nos da la literatura, y sólo ella, es, creo yo, la posibilidad de ser también otros de los que somos, y de vivir las vidas que seguramente nunca viviremos, y por lo tanto de descansar a ratos, de nosotros mismos, algo en verdad necesario y muy satisfactorio.
Javier Marias.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

The excellent Richard Davis
new album, Details, is available on iTunes.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Spectral Sound Volume 1
Out now a
Spectral records compilation includes some old goodies and seven exclusive tracks:
Matthew Dear "It's Over Now" (Peter Grummich RMX)
Hieroglyphic Being "Je Suis Musique"
Peter Grummich "Arcona"
Matthew Dear "Juice"
Audion "Raw Dog"
James T. Cotton "T-Y-O-C Painkillers"
Matthew Dear "Dog Days" (radio edit)

Audion's Raw dog can be downloaded free at the label's wesite.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

'Hiatus On The Horizon' (
Peacefrog) the album, is out on 25th July 2005.
Press release: Including guest appearances from a handful of New Zealands finest musicians, Recloose exposes a new and intriguing thread to his personal sonic journey. 'Hiatus On The Horizon' is an uncategorisable, genre-bending soul-fuelled treat. Destined to become one of the most complete and diverse albums of recent times.
'Nothing short of amazing' (Dazed&Confused)
'Brilliant...as simple as that.' (9/10 - Laurent Garnier)
'A classic'***** DJ
'Properly marvellous' BBC Collective

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

June/July charts

By Phonique
1 Kerri Chandler - Bar At Thym (Nite Grooves) 2 Märtini Brös - Joystick (Poker Flat) 3 Booka Shade - Mandarine Girl (Get Physical) 4 Emperor Machine - Tropical Waste (DC Recordings) 5 John Tejada & Arian Leviste - Triad Jack (Palette) 6 M.A.N.D.Y. vs Booka Shade - Body Language (Get Physical) 7 Lindström - I Feel Space (Feedelity) 8 Scandal Inc. - That's A Good Look (Coco Machete) 9 Kerri Chandler - Return 2 Acid (Large) 10 Lordy - The Watchtower (Stevie Kotey remix) (Bear Funk)

… and by Afrilounge
1 Booka Shade - Mandarine Girl (Get Physical) 2 Luna City Express - Fresh (Moon Harbour) 3 Pier Bucci - Cinetico Andino EP (Crosstown Rebels) 4 Audio Werner - Zwrtschak Drive (HCF) 5 Trentemøller - Kink (3rd Floor) 6 Jeff Samuel - Endpoint (Trapez Ltd.) 7 Family Affairs - Bearback EP (Tuning Spork) 8 Goldfish & Der Dulz - Privacy (Chardronnet remix) (Boxer) 9 John Tejada - Paranoia (Palette) 10 Sweet'n'Candy - Resonance (Oppossum)

As published by
Poker Flat
Coming Soon
New albums out in Spetember: Chelonis R. Jones (
Get Physical) Audion (Ghostly International) and DJ Koze (Kompakt)

Monday, July 04, 2005

Kompakt Total 6 tracklist
As publlished by
Pitchforkmedia. Release date: 15th of August.
01 DJ Koze - Hiccup
02 Dorau/Köhncke - Durch Die Nach (Geiger Mix)
03 Justus Köhncke - Krieg
04 Aguayo/Rossknecht - Bouncin' Around
05 Baxendale - I Built This City (Michael Mayer Mix)
06 Rex the Dog - I Look Into Mid Air
07 Thomas Fehlmann - Schone Grusse
08 Tocotronic - Pure Vernunft Darf Niemals Siegen (Superpitcher/Wasserman Single Mix)
09 The MFA - The Difference It Makes
10 Mikkel Metal - Dorant
11 Jürgen Paape - Cream
12 Reinhard Voigt - Ready For Take Off
01 Dirk Leyers - Wellen
02 Superpitcher - Tell Me About It
03 Thomas/Mayer - Panic Room
04 Mayer/Aguayo - Slow
05 Kaito - Hundred Million Lightyears
06 SCSI 9 - Mini
07 Jonas Bering - Glass
08 Ferenc - Tracatra
09 Heib - Phonix
10 The Modernist - The International Loner
11 Peter Grummich - Frozen World
12 The Field - Action

Monday, June 27, 2005

A special online edition of Disco Inc.'s first compilation, called Hypersex.Code1 is
available now. The tracklist:
UNAI - Heart is to the left
Jesus& Judas with Julia Messenger - Operation two- time (Be Mine Mix)
Warmdesk - Taurus Rising (with bells)
The Desktop Discoballs - Fauna Grotesque
UNAI - Young Kiss
Phunkprotectorz - Discostrass
YMC - Moody Traxx.1
Pendics Shuffle - Needless
The Premature Wig - With me
Secondo - It`s o.k.
Crane AK - Microdog from Japan
UNAI - Heart is to the left
Jesus& Judas with Julia Messenger - Operation two- time (Be Mine Mix)
Warmdesk - Taurus Rising (with bells)
The Desktop Discoballs - Fauna Grotesque
UNAI - Young Kiss
Phunkprotectorz - Discostrass
YMC - Moody Traxx.1
Pendics Shuffle - Needless
The Premature Wig - With me
Secondo - It`s o.k.
Crane AK - Microdog from Japan
Hakan Lidbo - Dead Space
Brett Johnson - Temptation & Lies (Tojami Sessions- Chemo Remix)
Soultek with Suri - So Lovely (Soultek's Burning Dub)

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Arriving to NY Posted by Hello
One click away
Surprisingly, Isolee's We Are Monster is avalaible at beatport.com. "Its hard to imagine a better electronic record coming out in the next six months; it will likely be one of 2005's best albums of any genre." The Wire, June 2005 issue. This time, do believe the hype.

Monday, May 30, 2005

Out of tune
Geiger's debut album, Out of Tune, available now on Firm records.

Friday, May 27, 2005

Speicher 11-20
A download guide to Kompakt Extra (part II), thanks to
AMG and Andy.

Speicher 11 (+++)
Review by Andy Kellman
The 11th Speicher is shared by Kompakt newcomer DJ Koze (a member of the whimsical International Pony) and Naum (fresh off a Schaffelfieber 2 appearance). DJ Koze's "Der Säger von St. Georg" gets more willfully abrasive by the second; a bangin' electro-techno cruncher, the track piles on one aggressive effect after another, constantly reloading with more punishing ammunition. Naum's "Galore" is friendly only in a relative manner, though its glammy shuffle-tech foundation makes it a hedonist's delight. The crashing hi-hats near the conclusion give it an extra charm, closing it out in grand, uninhibited fashion. It has become increasingly troublesome to stay on top of the Kompakt Extra releases, but this one shouldn't get lost in the, er, shuffle.

Speicher 12 (++)
Review by Andy Kellman
Both sides of Speicher 12 feature Jens Harke. On the A-side, he remixes Freiland's (aka Wolfgang Voigt) "Grün," while the B-side features one of his own productions. Having already appeared on an Auftrieb release (alongside a remix from Dieter Gorny), the presence of the Freiland remix appears to be a ruse to get Kompakt fans to pay more attention to Auftrieb, a label that's generally less inviting — the releases from that label tend to be nastier in demeanor, though some of them will indeed appeal to those with an ear for harsher Speicher tracks. Harke's reinterpretation of the original is more welcoming, not only for his addition of robotic vocals. Harke's own "Eigenrauch" is one of the biggest-sounding Speicher tracks, though it's pretty nondescript.

Speicher 13 (++1/2)
Review by Andy Kellman
Reinhard Voigt, Kompakt's most prolific (and increasingly reliable) producer, wins out with the better of the two tracks on Speicher 13; "Protekt" is very house-y by Voigt standards, and is less punishing for it, with spiny keyboard patterns massaging the brain rather than assaulting it. Jake Fairley, a Toronto native with several releases on Sender and Dumb Unit to his credit (in addition to a previous appearance on Speicher 9), comes up with a circular buzzsaw of a track that gets dipped in acid during its latter third. Once the track finishes, it becomes apparent that its first minute resembles a breakdown as much as a warm-up; with that in mind, its effect in whole is that of a part two.

Speicher 14 (+++)
Review by Andy Kellman
Between this release's "Masterblaster" and "Cool Harbour" (from 2002's Kompassion 12"), the Orb haven't merely demonstrated a love for shuffle-tech — they've also created two of the sub-sub-subgenre's finest moments. Though it's not quite the beast that "Cool Harbour" is, "Masterblaster" is almost as powerful and crisp, with the sharpness of the sawtooth buzzline cushioned somewhat by a heavily washed-out chorus of voices. (You might want to alert your uncle or grandfather that the KLF's Jimi Cauty assists.) M. Mayer's chugging "X" is easily the sleeker of the two, filled out with twinkly/spangly effects that give it a strong resemblance to Joris Vermeiren's "Atomium" (as heard on Ricardo Villalobos' Taka Taka mix). This gets Kompakt off to a fine start as it enters a seventh year.

Speicher 15 (+++)
Review by Andy Kellman
"Ari" follows Schaffelfieber 2's "Issimo" and Speicher 11's "Galore" as Naum's third production to be released by Kompakt. Roughly a couple minutes in, it shows all the signs of being a prime DJ tool with optimal shuffle-oriented potential, but a wonderfully blockheaded bass line and crashing hi-hats (as heard near the tail end of "Galore") eventually make their entrance. Multiple seering effects come from keyboards; even with these, a rock band with basic glam rock knowledge could faithfully replicate the whole track without difficulty. On the B-side, Joachim Spieth makes his first Speicher appearance since the eighth release, with a deep-burrowing stomper full of whip-crack hits, piercing bomb-drop noises, and neo-acid splatters. This release, as part of the Speicher series, falls somewhere in the middle of the pack.

Speicher 16 (+++1/2)
Review by Andy Kellman
Speicher 16 features an unlikely pairing for 2004, at least as far as aliases are considered, not necessarily the producers behind them: it looks like Kreisel's five-year reunion. Kompakt head Wolfgang Voigt contributes a track as Mike Ink, while Jörg Burger steps up as Burger Industries. The pairing certainly invokes old memories for many jocks and dancers, but this isn't merely a skip down memory lane. If Ink's "Playing With Knives" sounds familiar, it's because it's an updated (remastered, crisper) version of a track Voigt produced for the 1999 Kreisel series: it was the A-side of Kreisel's "Rissko Acid Catch." Unsurprisingly, it's just as fresh now as it was then: acid techno at its stickiest. Burger's "Derby" appears to be brand new; it's just as voluptuous as the A-side, and ranks with the Voigt brothers' co-productions in the series. These two tracks should help make the second Speicher mix album just as much of a fierce force as the first.

Speicher 17 (+++1/2)
Review by Andy Kellman
Technically the third Speicher for 2004, the 17th release of the series involves Ferenc (fresh from a respectable 12" on Kompakt proper) and Naum (who was last heard from on Speicher 15). Ferenc's lengthy "Punto Pilota" stalks stealthily with a deep bass line and some of the producer's most mind-altering layers of effects. Naum, half of the Glasgow-based Optimo, delivers a smoother, more dynamic variation on his crowd-pleasing shuffle tech. His by-now-trademark decimated hi-hats come into play, once again, in all their air-punching glory. (Dear Naum: don't ever make a track without them.) This is one of the several must-own pieces of the Speicher puzzle.

Speicher 18 (+++1/2)
Review by Andy Kellman
On the A-side of Speicher 18, series stalwart Reinhard Voigt cooks up another one of his ripping techno tracks; longtime Reinhard followers will eat it up, while those who've only attached to the likes of "Kontakt" and "Supertiel" might be a little less enthusiastic. Regardless, Heib steals the show on the flip side. "Diana Dies Tonight" has the be the most strikingly titled track released by Kompakt — it's striking by anybody's standard. If the title were more benign, the track would remain extremely powerful. Unlike the grating/gnashing/in-the-red reputation Heib has built with his Auftrieb releases, "Diana Dies Tonight" shows the more pensive and alarmingly eerie sides of his personality. Centered around a sweeping buzz and suspenseful strings, the track threatens to boil over but remains in a white-knuckled state. The synthesized sound of passing vehicles is placed near the fade-out, making it an even more bracing listen.

Speicher 19 (+++1/2)
Review by Andy Kellman
Nearly a year after releasing one of the Kompakt label's best singles, Rising Sun, Magnet makes a reappearance in the Speicher series with "Kisskisskiss." Magnet's object of affection here is probably Maurizio; the track is a heavier, thicker, fuller take on Maurizio's sound, but the indebtedness is apparent. It's a welcomed, if late, follow-up. Wighnomy Brothers deliver "Wurz and Blosse," an equally dark and deep track that's relatively minimal, gliding swiftly on a dynamic bassline accented by distressing vapors. These tracks are two of the smoothest in the Speicher series; those expecting the abrasion and danger in the bulk of other Speicher tracks might be a little let down.

Speicher 20 (+++)
Review by Andy Kellman
You never know what you're going to get from DJ Koze. On the side he contributes to Speicher 20, you get a dark, ten-minute monster of a track that's as enticingly looming as anything else released through Kompakt. A stealth bass line undulates at all the right button-pushing moments, and is made all the more effectively creepy by the rattling bells and hi-hat rushes that accompany it. Justus Köhncke's "Sofort" (English translation: "immediately," most likely the answer here to the question, "When to crack this skull?") is surprisingly ill-tempered for the otherwise pop-happy producer and is probably the closest any Speicher track has come to resembling early-'90s Underground Resistance. It's so out of character for Köhncke that a blindfold test involving the craziest Kompakt head couldn't possibly yield a positive identification.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Speicher 1-10
A download guide .... by
Andy Kellman and allmusic. All releases available at Kompakt website.

Speicher 1 (+++)
Review by Andy Kellman
Speicher 1 is a various-artists 12" from Kompakt with tracks from Jürgen Paape, M. Mayer, Superpitcher, and Auftrieb. Pinning down Kompakt's sound is difficult enough based only on the label's diverse stable of producers, and the task becomes downright impossible when some of those producers come up with new sounds for each track that they make. This release is emblematic of that fact. Superpitcher's nervous "Grace" and Paape's kinetic "Ballroom Blitz" (not a Sweet cover) are pleasant but not spectacular dance tracks, while Auftrieb's stomping "Strang" is one of those "shuffle tech" numbers that unleashes an abrasive, alienating groove. (If a video game featured a serpent spiked with prickers across its tail end, this would be the sound it would make as it attacks.) M. Mayer's low-key "Capiche" offers some respite, but it's not exactly up to the man's standard.

Speicher 2 (+++)
Review by Andy Kellman
Where the content of Kompakt's Speicher 1 was split between four producers, Speicher 2 is a shared release between two noted German producers: M. Mayer and Reinhard Voigt. Mayer's A-side is a cover of Sade's "Love Is Stronger Than Pride," turning the Nigerian diva's original into an up-tempo tech-house track with vocals that are rhythmically spoken (and heavily echoed) rather than sung. It isn't a joke — at least it doesn't sound like one. Given the simplistic but meaningful lyrics, many could be tricked into thinking it's a reworking of a lost Chicago house classic from the late '80s. Voigt's "Supertiel" is just as strong as anything from his full-length for Kompakt, speeding by at a rapid velocity with immaculate production flourishes. Despite the fact that this 12" has half as many tracks as Speicher 1, its value practically dwarfs its predecessor.

Speicher 3 (+++)
Review by Andy Kellman
The third in Kompakt's Speicher series brings the brothers Voigt — Reinhard and Wolfgang — together for a pair of collaborative productions. While most of Wolfgang's output of late (as Tal, Mint, All, and Gas) has been mostly ambient and often beat-free, these two tracks are aggro 4/4 club tracks that have more in common with his sib's productions for Kompakt. "Korn" is a dirty and sleazy dancefloor groove with dense layers of noise and rhythm — save for a couple moments where the track is whittled to only a couple elements, the primary beat is easy to lose within the mix. The lengthy "Roxy" isn't nearly as dark, with moody synth tones and an eerie vocal sample stretched over the top of relatively slinky polyrhythms. [Note to Kompakt phreeks: The version of "Roxy" on the Total 4 CD is an edit that trims nearly three minutes of the original found here.]

Speicher 4 (+++)
Review by Andy Kellman
Kompakt's fourth Speicher 12" is a split between Superpitcher (Aksel Schaufler) and Wasserman (Reinhard Voigt). Both producers deliver a single track of nasty floor-burning techno. Voigt comes out on top with "Spring," a nearly anthemic track with pumping beats and escalating synth notes shooting off at a blistering pace. Superpitcher's "Irre" isn't quite as great — it's a little more complex and veers toward abrasive shuffle-tech without being off-putting. A number of rhythmic devices give the track a galloping edge. Both tracks here fit in well with the remainder of the Speicher series, which has favored aggressive techno over Kompakt's numerous other sounds (lush house, wispy ambient, melodic dance-pop, etc.).

Speicher 5 (++++)
Review by Andy Kellman
At this point, Kompakt's split-producer Speicher series might as well be considered a sub-label, since it tends to favor the more aggressive side of the label's output. This fifth one brings Reinhard and Wolfgang Voigt together again, but unlike the collaborations of Speicher 3, this features a solo production from each Voigt. The furious "Dorn" is one of Reinhard's best blazing techno tracks, with numerous intricately woven elements. As strong as that is, Wolfgang wins out with "Vision 3," a brilliant sci-fi house production that manages to cram all sorts of sounds into it while retaining wide-open spaces. If Wolfgang releases another batch of tracks in this vein that are nearly as strong, his label just might outdo itself. Speicher 5 is the best of the series thus far, hands down.

Speicher 6 (+++)
Review by Andy Kellman
This installment in Kompakt's Speicher series is a showcase for Superpitcher's talents as both a producer and a remixer. Pop group Quarks' "I Walk" gets an infectious shuffle-tech makeover, the bopping beat and the sing-songy female vocals striking a colorful, playful chord. Superpitcher's own production, "Fieber," isn't merely one of the Speicher series' best; it's one of the best the Kompakt label as a whole has released. And it's not even the pinpoint-perfect beat programming that sticks out — the track's greatness has a lot more to do with the robust clusters of keyboard melodies, which are so thick that they also function as the bass line. If someone attempts to pigeonhole Kompakt as a microhouse label, put this one on.

Speicher 7 (++++)
Review by Andy Kellman
The seventh Speicher features two Kompakt vets, Reinhard Voigt and Michael Mayer. The two co-produce a pair of tracks, both of which rate near the top of the series' heap. "Unter Null" is a shuffling stomper with a recurring alien melody that could've been swiped from a low-budget '70s sci-fi flick. The beat is propulsive but never assaultive. The B-side, "Bring It Back," is even more fleet of foot, a swift dancefloor track with swarming effects — and a clipped vocal sample that echoes the title — encased in light gauze. This is definitely one of the strongest Speicher releases thus far, with exceptional work from both parties.

Speicher 8 (++)
Review by Andy Kellman
Speicher 8 is a split 12" shared by Joachim Spieth and Michael Mayer. Two minutes in, Spieth's "Under Pressure" seems like it would've been at home on Kompakt's first Schaffelfieber compilation; it eventually develops into something more palatable for the dancefloor, though it would probably work best in a set as a de-emphasized bridge between two tracks. The B-side is credited to Mayer, even though it's a remix of Reinhard Voigt's "Supertiel" (off Speicher 2). Mayer's take is unnecessarily busy, and not nearly as effective as the original, with nearly every space plugged up by a noise of some sort. Skippable.

Speicher 9 (++)
Review by Andy Kellman
This marks the first time Kompakt has gone outside their immediate circle for a contributor to the Speicher series. Canadian producer Jake Fairley pitches in with "Motor," a track that fits perfectly into the Speicher scheme without resembling anything the series has spawned previously. It's more smacking than banging, and it hits with an aggressive, unpleasant force. "Hysteria" is substandard Superpitcher that never quite gets off the ground. The tempo is slower than usual for him, and the keyboard vamps just kind of lull you into submission. Neither Fairley fans nor Superpitcher fans should feel obligated to pick this up.

Speicher 10 (++++)
Review by Andy Kellman
Wolfgang and Reinhard Voigt prove to be up to the challenge of retaining the championship belt of the club-oriented Speicher series on this, the tenth release on Kompakt Extra. As on Speicher 5, the two tracks here are co-productions from the brothers. Both are as indispensable as anything else in the series, and both make strong cases for modern-day acid trance. "Was du Willst," the ten-minute A-side, is the greater draw of the two tracks, with euphoric trance melodies offset by anxious, ominous textures. "Vision 04" isn't quite on the level of Speicher 5's "Vision 03," but the ghosts of late-'80s Chicago house would no doubt put it to use.

Friday, May 20, 2005

Total 6 (and vanity)
Two years after after … Kompakt seems to be preparing the sixth instalment of the legendary Total series (to be released in August). Looking forward to see what are the tracks selected this time for the compilation. One thing has changed this time: almost every track of the german label is available at their website. Before the launch of the
mp3 site, it was almost the only chance to get their releases in a digital format. But yes, I will be buying it on CD. Even if there are not exclusive tracks … having all the Total comps from 1 to 5, will look very nice together with the other five.
Btw, I have just notice that the latest Areal 12": Ada's Blondix that includes Eve (DJ Koze Mix) and Livedriver. (I am going bankrupt)

Thursday, May 19, 2005

The Night Will Last Forever ...
... is the title of Lawrence's new album released by
Novamute/Ladomat on Monday 16 May. Twelve new tracks available on CD and 2LP. Includes the track 'Swap', release previously as a single with mixes by Carsten Jost and Serafin.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

No cure recommends ...
to enter
beatport.com now, search for Marlow's new single 'Quiet' (Moonharbour) and download one best tracks of the year so far. A deeply exuberant bass for a minimal vocal thang.

Monday, May 16, 2005

Tresor 216 release is a retropective of Juan Atkins work under Model 500, 3MB or Cybotron. Press release: Although this collection contains a few pre-Metroplex tracks from his early Cybotron project, the bulk of his important works were crafted in the framework of the Metroplex label, which he founded in 1985. Juan Atkins recorded under several aliases, including his noteworthy Infiniti releases on the Tresor label throughout its history.
Here is the tracklist:
1-01 Cybotron Alleys Of Your Mind (3:34)
1-02 Model 500 Future (4:54)
1-03 Model 500 Starlight (6:27)
1-04 Model 500 Vessels In Distress (5:20)
1-05 Channel One Technicolor (6:50)
1-06 Model 500 The Chase (5:42)
1-07 Cybotron R9 (5:15)
1-08 Infiniti Game One (5:40)
1-09 3MB Jazz Is The Teacher (9:41)
Featuring - Magic Juan
1-10 Cybotron Cosmic Cars (4:23)
1-11 Model 500 Wanna Be There (6:44)
2-01 Cybotron Clear (4:55)
2-02 Cybotron Dreammaker (5:44)
2-03 Infiniti Skyway (5:55)
2-04 Model 500 No UFO's (7:04)
2-05 Model 500 Nightdrive (Thru Babylon) (6:11)
2-06 Model 500 Ocean To Ocean (5:49)
2-07 Juan Atkins Something About The Music (3:50)
2-08 Model 500 Off To Battle (6:05)
2-09 Cybotron Cosmic Raindance (4:02)
2-10 Model 500 The Flow (4:18)
2-11 Visions Other Side Of Life (5:08)
2-12 Model 500 The Passage (7:30)

Friday, May 06, 2005

We Are Monster
Five long years after 'Rest', the second Isolee album 'Wearemonster' seems to be arriving. At least two people already listened to it. One is David Drake, contributor to Stylus Magazine. He said it is 'less rhythmically nebulous than Rest aka one of my favorite albums ever, more disco, meaty glittery house. Its like Rest plus a dash of MRI'.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Shades of a Shadow
John Dahlback's first full length 'Shades of a Shadow' available now on Little Angel

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

All Ricanstruction label back catalogue and new releases are available on their own
website. You can download their great music for a mere 1.29 $ per track at 320kbps quality. Have in mind that 'Ricanstruction Label is an independently owned company, and NOT a mutli-million dollar conglomorate. We've made these items available to you at an affordable price, so when others ask you for a copy of YOUR purchase, you let them know where you got it from, and how much YOU paid for it'.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Titonton goes

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

For my own records
Kompakt 118 is TRIOLA 'IM REMIXRAUM TEIL 1' includes two mixes of LEUCHTTURM (one by WIGHNOMYS BROS. and one by ROBAG WRUHME) and two new tracks. Available for downlaod on kompakt's mp3 web.
Ada's new single is called BLONDIX 1(Areal 029). Two tracks from her Blodie album "EVE" and "LIVEDRIVER" get remixed by DJ KOZE and SASCHA FUNKE. Just on vinyl at the moment. We'll have to wait for download: only references 01 to 24 of Areal are available to download.
Freude am Tanzem 022, the new single by DJ KOZE 'LIGHTA SPUBA', now available on vinyl. Looking forward to have this available for download, together with the references 19, 20 and 21 of this hot label: FAT 019 Wighnomy Brothers '3 Fachmisch EP' (12") FAT 020 Mark Henning 'Business Class EP' (12") and FAT 021 Hemmann+Kaden 'Vaganza EP' (12").

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Brique Rouge
Brique Rouge's back catalogue (Fish Go Deep, Phil Weeks, Swirl Peepz, Mazi, Duriez himself etc., etc., etc., not to mention the amazing list of remixers) is now available as mp3/AAC download at their own website. My goodness!

Thursday, March 31, 2005

Kompakt to download
Kompakt has launched their own mp3 download site. Good opportunity to get hold of their (and their distributed labels) novelties and back catalogue. The quality of the mp3 files is up to 256k. Is not to easy to navigate and the shopping basket would not keep items for the next visit. I am sure Kompakt fans won't be bothered by this. I would love them to publish a chart. Would be great to see the most downloaded songs.

Friday, March 18, 2005

Polar Shift
Poker Flat is releasing the second single from Trentemøller this year so far, to follow the acclaimed Physical Fraction 12'' on Audiomatique Recordings. The new single 'Polar Shift' will be out on April 25.

The German label is also releasing on Monday their Poker Flat Volume Four compliation CD. Here is the goodies list:
1 - Martin Landsky 'FM Safari (P. Chardronnet's Silent Snake remix)'
2 - Steve Bug 'Loverboy (rebugged)'
3 - John Tejada 'Steppa'
4 - Vincenzo 'Peng'
5 - ADJD 'Bring It Back'
6 - Martin Landsky 'Fools (They Don't Know The Time - Main Mix)'
7 - Detroit Grand Pubahs 'Big Onion (Joakim Slap On It remix)'
8 - Alexi Delano 'Can You Compute?'
9 - Argy 'Nuthouse'
10 - Märtini Brös '(She's) Heavy Metal (Prins Thomas remix)'

Monday, March 14, 2005

New album and new attitude
New Silicone Soul album 'Staring Into Space' that includes the singles 'Feeling Blue' and 'Les Nocturnes', out on 11th April on CD ...
... and already available for download now. Not a bad move for a band whose previous CD ' ... It's A Soul Thing' was copyright controlled or whatever meaning that I couldn't play it on my computer nor import it for my enjoyment on iTunes jukebox or iPod. Other bands will follow.

Monday, March 07, 2005

They have 436 tracks to download, just in the tech/deep house section, and I love 90% of them. They have Brique Rouge, Utensil, Deeplay, Freerange, Gourmet, Transport, Inspirit, Uno Winding Road and more... what else? Clickgroove is Top.

Friday, March 04, 2005

New (shopping) e-nvironment
Funny to see how (dance, electronic) record companies react to the new online shops possibilities. So far: They not always make available the full catalogue. They sometimes pack two 12'' singles, two releases in one. Sometimes some of the tracks (usually the most popular) are available only if you buy the whole 'album'. And sometimes two 12''s together are called 'albums'.
A clear example is
Love it, Dub it' + Remixes on iTunes: two 12"s together as an 'album' of course for the price of an album and the two best tracks available only if you download the whole 'album'.
Another, better, example of this is Sander Kleinenberg's - 4 Seasons EP (Part 3 Of 3)on Little Mountain Recordings: 4 songs for 9.99 E, unavailable separately.
Do not take me wrong: still cheap, still great to have them available.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

With just two 12'' singles out, a lot of expectactions on Uno, the label run by Andy Caldwel and Inspirit. Not surprising if Soulstice's Gina Rene is singing on a track remixed by Trentemoller or by Caldwell himself. Available on Clickgroove.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Naked Music, OM, Freerange, Large, Lowdown and Dessous are in. Inspirit is coming soon.
Papa, Ultrasound, Brique Rouge and King Street ... what are you guys waiting for?
1. Gamat 3000 - Whispering (Swag's Softly Spoke Dub)(Dessous)
2. Glowing Glisses - On the Bridge (Larry Heards After Dark Dub Mix)(Dessous)
3. Vincenzo - King's Last Ride (Ian Pooley Mix) (Dessous)
4. JT Donaldson - Name of Love (Lowdown)
5. The Jackals - Jack Ain`t Back (Dessous)
6. Vincenzo - We Wait, Right Here (Dessous)
7. Gamat 3000 - Cosmic Strut (Dessous)
8. Departure Lounge Featuring SOR - DL2 (Facedown's Re-edit) (Urbantorque)
9. The Beard Featuring Soul Sista - Only You (Dep Lounge Mix) (Urbantorque)
10. Heroes For Hire - Our House Music (Dep Lounge Live Dub) (Urbantorque)

A lot of Dessous + Some Urbantorque + A bit of
Lowdown = Great Mix

Friday, February 25, 2005

(Quite) some of the back catalogue of Urbantorque is available in iTunes Spain. I am delighted to have some previously vinyl only releases available at a click. The British label also put together some exclusive 'albums'. I think it is a great opportunity for the small labels with (almost) no distribution here to sell their back catalogue. Let's see what other companies follow.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Good news
Funnier than Kompakt ... and funkier for sure. Germany's Dessous Recordings available on iTunes Spain. Some of the favs are missing (where is the Charles Webster remix of Vincenzo's 'We wait, right here'?) but still good news.

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Top 28 most played as selected by my iPod
Blue Six 'Music & Wine [Jay's Conga Lounge Vocal]' Bare Essentials Vol.1
4Hero 'Hold It Down (Exemen Remix)' The Remix Album (Disc 2)
Kaskade 'Right Time' The United Nations Of Future Music Vol. 1
Peven Everett - 'Kissing Game' Kissing Game
How Do I Get Thru? Swirl People Special Combo
4Hero 'Hold It Down' Creating Patterns
4Hero 'Les Fleur' Creating Patterns
Antonelli Electr. 'The Man With The Golden Hands' Click
Crazy Penis 'Change' The Wicked Is Music
Deepart 'Unknown' Snapshots Compilation
Domu 'Take Control' Up+Down
Dubstar 'Shining Through' Kompakt Total 2
Fuse 'Uva' Dimension Intrusion
Isolée 'Gallus' Rest
Kaskade 'Yeah Right' In The Moment
Kuni 'Nu-Way' the GooDgOOd
Matthew Dear 'The Crush' Leave Luck To Heaven
Moodymann 'Your Sweet Lovin' Forevernevermore
Nubian Mindz 'New Journeyz' New World Chaos
Rhythim is Rhythim 'Strings Of Life (unreleased mix)' Retro Techno/Emotions Electric
Schaeben + Voss 'Ach Komm' Kompakt Total 3
Sean Deason 'Creation' Allegory & Metaphor
Silent Phase 'Fire (Prelude)' Silent Phase (The Theory Of)
Silent Phase 'Forbidden Dance' Silent Phase (The Theory Of)
Switch 'Get Ya Dub On (Jimpster Remix)' Selected Remixes 2000/2003
Troubleman 'Lonely Girl' Time Out Of Mind
Underground Resistance 'Jupiter Jazz' Tresor II: Berlin-Detroit, a Techno Alliance
Yotoko 'Square One' Wet Ink

Friday, February 18, 2005

Back in print
Movement festival 2004 CD is now available at the Kompakt shop and Ada's Blondie CD seems to be back in print. I finally received Robag Wruhme's Wuzzlebud "KK" CD from Other Music (thanks guys), no time to hear it yet, because I can't stop listening to:
1) The Atjazz mix of P'tah 'Staring at the sun'
2) The Jimpster remix of John Beltran's 'Felicidad Nova'
3) The John Beltran Mix of Trevor Loveys' 'Elevate Your Mind'

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Disappointed by Om (again)
One of the few good labels available on the iTunes Spanish shop is Om. You can find some out of print EPs and some unreleased material, which is great.
But one thing I do not understand is how the guys sell their songs mixed. I downloaded few songs, couple of them simply were not complete. They just ended abruptly or ended with some beats of next song attached to it which makes the listening unpleasant. I asked iTunes for my money back. No response so far. Is it that difficult for Om to offer the COMPLETE songs to download?

... and Impressed by Freerange
Things seems to be moving in Freerange records. They are also one of the few good labels available on iTunes. They are offering not only their back catalogue but also they offer exclusive compilations with hard to find releases of their back catalogue (see their virtual vinyl release).
Also they are relasing end of this month their second 'Colour Series' compilation. The tracklist is very very promising and includes two Jimpster remixes, an Atjazz remix, a Kirk Degiorgio track, a Mr Fingers remix!!! and more.
Can't wait.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Two new hot releases
Mikkel Metal 'Close Selections' (Echocord) 'a selection of tracks produced between 2001 and 2004. Most of the material has been released earlier on 12' inch vinyl by the danish label Echocord'.
Justus Kohncke 'Doppelleben' (Kompakt) The man responsible for the almost-hit 'From Disco to Disco' (Whirlpool Productions) is back!

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Kitsuné X
After Kitsuné Love (2002) and Kitsuné Midnight (2004) here comes Kitsuné X, the 3rd quality compilation of the french label. The CD contains twelve original, previously unpublished titles, composed exclusively for Kitsuné X. The Tracklist: 1. Darling POPULAR COMPUTER 2. Teenage Kiss JOAKIM 3. Kelly Blame (Vocal) THE MOGS 4. Whatever POST NO BILL 5. Something More (Tiefschwarz vocal remix) CHIKINKI 6. Transe VOLGA SELECT 7. The Count SIMIAN MOBILE DISCO 8. Nympho DJ ASSAULT 9. You Gotta Know FANNY PACK 10. Mangaboy CAPTAIN COMATOSE vs STEREO TOTAL 11. Hey Know MANHEAD 12. No More Master HOT CHIP

Monday, January 24, 2005

Tired ...
tired of waiting for Auna to set up my telephone line/adsl (three months lost) I decided to change provider.
tired of waiting for Amazon to send me the Triola's CD.
tired of waiting ipodyourbmw to be available in Spain.
Ada's Blondie CD seems to be sold out. Don't know (yet) what Other Music can do for me
My computer refuse to burn CDs.
And it is Monday. And cold wave is coming to Spain.
But still... Madrid sun and Furry Phreak's Want Me (Like Water) brighten up my days.

Friday, January 21, 2005

Not a top ten
Ten CDs released in 2004 that I liked most.

Moodymann - Black Mahogani (Peacefrog)
Junior Boys - Last Exit (Kin/Domino)
Lucien & Luciano - Blind Behaviour (Peacefrog)
Ricardo Villalobos - The Au Harem D'archimede (Perlon)
Fred Everything - Light of Day (20:20 Vision)
Swirl People - Special Combo (Aroma)
Funk D'Void - Volume Freak (Soma)
DKD - Future Rage (Bittasweet)
Trouble Man - Time Out of Mind (Far Out)
Matthew Dear - Backstroke (Spectral Sound)

And five CDs in other people top list (that I do not have, but are on my wishlist)
Robag Wruhme, Wuzzlebud "KK" (Musik Krause)
Ada, Blondie (Areal)
Claro Intelecto - Neurofibro (Ai)
James Cotton, The Dancing Box (Spectral)
Melchior Productions, The Meaning of Love (Playhouse)

Monday, January 17, 2005

New iPod shuffle or ...
how to sell a defect as a virtue. Defect: It doesn't have a screen, so you cannot see what's playing or choose next song. Virtue (according to Apple marketing department): It's cool, so what you hear and what's next song is a surprise, and that's exciting. Literally: 'Enjoy uncertainty', 'What will it play next? Can it read your mind? Can it read your moods?' Well, I am not buying into this. But let's see how does it work in the market, probably well.