Monday, September 26, 2005

Five years of Moon Harbour Compilation
8 exclusive tracks ... to celebrate the birthday

luna city express - venus
phil stumpf - rock steady
martin landsky - flutes
matthias tanzmann - anti gravity
gamat 3000 - flashback
audio werner - boogie with u
tanzmann & stefanik - talking slices
marlow - i´ve changed ma mind

Friday, September 16, 2005

Sometimes ILX is great

we all fell space since the loft era and the paradise garage. I fellspace and universe every time music gets kosmic and synthetic and shouts body and soul. Then from New york to chicago, over Detroit with gary numan's cars, italian and electronic european cerrone andmoroder things ... All the sounds are compressing and invite us togather, wherever we come from; that is all about with scando-med music. Travel all over the Whord by the extremities. North and south,black and white, find out what common is between krautrock and discoor the possible alliance of rythm. That music is utopic like the hippies were at least.Dreamy and psychedelic, background the Sun of the baléares and the everlasting scandinavian summer !
-- laure oth (
hot.eye...), September 16th, 2005.

Copyright: laure oth ...

Thursday, September 15, 2005


Thursday, September 08, 2005

Freude am Tanzen
Freude am Tanzen is releasing a compilation CD in October. Fantastic tracklist. No new/exclusive tracks I think.
FAT CD 001
Freude-am-Tanzen Compilation CD 01
1. gamat 3000 - feeling love
(wighnomy rmx)
2. soulphiction - black woman
3. funky transport - hell bells
4. wighnomy brothers + robag wruhme - bobb
5. hemmann + kaden - sense
6. wighnomy brothers + robag wruhme - bodyrock
7. mark henning - with the folks
8. dj koze - lighta spuba
9. hemmann + kaden - vaganza
10. wighnomy brothers + robag wruhme - pele bloss
11. dj koze - smornin