Thursday, March 31, 2005

Kompakt to download
Kompakt has launched their own mp3 download site. Good opportunity to get hold of their (and their distributed labels) novelties and back catalogue. The quality of the mp3 files is up to 256k. Is not to easy to navigate and the shopping basket would not keep items for the next visit. I am sure Kompakt fans won't be bothered by this. I would love them to publish a chart. Would be great to see the most downloaded songs.

Friday, March 18, 2005

Polar Shift
Poker Flat is releasing the second single from Trentemøller this year so far, to follow the acclaimed Physical Fraction 12'' on Audiomatique Recordings. The new single 'Polar Shift' will be out on April 25.

The German label is also releasing on Monday their Poker Flat Volume Four compliation CD. Here is the goodies list:
1 - Martin Landsky 'FM Safari (P. Chardronnet's Silent Snake remix)'
2 - Steve Bug 'Loverboy (rebugged)'
3 - John Tejada 'Steppa'
4 - Vincenzo 'Peng'
5 - ADJD 'Bring It Back'
6 - Martin Landsky 'Fools (They Don't Know The Time - Main Mix)'
7 - Detroit Grand Pubahs 'Big Onion (Joakim Slap On It remix)'
8 - Alexi Delano 'Can You Compute?'
9 - Argy 'Nuthouse'
10 - Märtini Brös '(She's) Heavy Metal (Prins Thomas remix)'

Monday, March 14, 2005

New album and new attitude
New Silicone Soul album 'Staring Into Space' that includes the singles 'Feeling Blue' and 'Les Nocturnes', out on 11th April on CD ...
... and already available for download now. Not a bad move for a band whose previous CD ' ... It's A Soul Thing' was copyright controlled or whatever meaning that I couldn't play it on my computer nor import it for my enjoyment on iTunes jukebox or iPod. Other bands will follow.

Monday, March 07, 2005

They have 436 tracks to download, just in the tech/deep house section, and I love 90% of them. They have Brique Rouge, Utensil, Deeplay, Freerange, Gourmet, Transport, Inspirit, Uno Winding Road and more... what else? Clickgroove is Top.

Friday, March 04, 2005

New (shopping) e-nvironment
Funny to see how (dance, electronic) record companies react to the new online shops possibilities. So far: They not always make available the full catalogue. They sometimes pack two 12'' singles, two releases in one. Sometimes some of the tracks (usually the most popular) are available only if you buy the whole 'album'. And sometimes two 12''s together are called 'albums'.
A clear example is
Love it, Dub it' + Remixes on iTunes: two 12"s together as an 'album' of course for the price of an album and the two best tracks available only if you download the whole 'album'.
Another, better, example of this is Sander Kleinenberg's - 4 Seasons EP (Part 3 Of 3)on Little Mountain Recordings: 4 songs for 9.99 E, unavailable separately.
Do not take me wrong: still cheap, still great to have them available.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

With just two 12'' singles out, a lot of expectactions on Uno, the label run by Andy Caldwel and Inspirit. Not surprising if Soulstice's Gina Rene is singing on a track remixed by Trentemoller or by Caldwell himself. Available on Clickgroove.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Naked Music, OM, Freerange, Large, Lowdown and Dessous are in. Inspirit is coming soon.
Papa, Ultrasound, Brique Rouge and King Street ... what are you guys waiting for?
1. Gamat 3000 - Whispering (Swag's Softly Spoke Dub)(Dessous)
2. Glowing Glisses - On the Bridge (Larry Heards After Dark Dub Mix)(Dessous)
3. Vincenzo - King's Last Ride (Ian Pooley Mix) (Dessous)
4. JT Donaldson - Name of Love (Lowdown)
5. The Jackals - Jack Ain`t Back (Dessous)
6. Vincenzo - We Wait, Right Here (Dessous)
7. Gamat 3000 - Cosmic Strut (Dessous)
8. Departure Lounge Featuring SOR - DL2 (Facedown's Re-edit) (Urbantorque)
9. The Beard Featuring Soul Sista - Only You (Dep Lounge Mix) (Urbantorque)
10. Heroes For Hire - Our House Music (Dep Lounge Live Dub) (Urbantorque)

A lot of Dessous + Some Urbantorque + A bit of
Lowdown = Great Mix